Porsche Cayenne in Detroit

Porsche is a unique company that managed to achieve huge incomes releasing a small line of expensive cars. Without a doubt, the title of flagships of this brand is carried out by the company’s sports cars, but at the same time the first generation of the Cayenne model instantly achieved success. This was a prerequisite for Porsche to present at the Detroit automobile exhibition of Cayenne, which incorporated all the possible qualities of the automaker. The new Cayenne was released last month, the first public debut of the model took place on the auto exhibition in Detroit.

Stuttgart designers are not inclined to fall into the extreme updates, Cayenne, of course, was no exception: the form of the Svetla and acquired a slightly more aggressive look, but the main features of Porsche Cayenne are clearly recognized. Most of the visible changes concentrated in the front, where the headlights acquired a slightly smeared shape, and the air intakes were enlarged. The leading model of the line, Cayenne Turbo, worth 94 thousand dollars, is equipped with 911 Turbo LEDs, which, as Porsche said, will serve as a distinctive sign for Turbo models (so expect the appearance of such luminous points by 911). This is a more sophisticated change than huge ventilation ducts that have already left the Cayenne Turbo model, but they can still be seen on the basic models of Cayenne and Cayenne S. The car depicted above was also shod in monstrous 21-inch discs.

There is nothing revolutionary in new cars. The revolution was when Porsche launched its first one with the first generation of Cayenne.

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