Porsche Panamera on sale in the USA.

Premium car from Porsche were and will be in the car in the spotlight. Their. characteristics delight not only car owners, but also specialists. The line of updated Porsche Panamera entered in the United States is impressed with a high level of comfort, as well as sports characteristics and luxury. Literally with a bang, a statement was met that the machines will be equipped with “diesel engines” motors.

In the basic car “Porschepanamera”, a real German style with smooth body lines, sports character is visible. This machine has a squat planting with a wide profile, which, together with large wheels, gives an aggressive appearance.

Rifle piles in St. Petersburg are unlikely to transport such a car.

Part of the “sports car” front is very pointed due to the bumper advanced forward. The air fence is divided into 3 parts and is able to create an excellent air influx in the car cooling system. There is a spoiler in the back of the vehicle, which can only open at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

The length and width of Porsche Panamera are 4 970 and 1931 mm, respectively. Despite the fact that these machines have a sporty character, they continue to be a “luxury” sedan class.

The salon of the car “Panamera” looks very comfortable and luxurious. Auto designers thought out everything to the smallest detail and, of course, took into account the wishes of motorists who were embodied in this car. The automobile salon is well -component: in it the practicality and equality of styles are observed.

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