New Volvo V40 Cross Country: review, price, photo

The Volvo Auto Concert not so long ago made a presentation of his Russian version of the V40 Cross Country concern, which in turn should become a single model from the Volvo V40 line, officially entered the Russian market for sales.

The manufacturer positions the novelty as a car that has excellent availability and capable of feeling off -road with confidence. However, Swedish manufacturers may well be mistaken, since the Volvo V40 Cross Country is confidently difficult.

Volvo V40 Cross Country for Russia

Knowing that in the Russian Federation, SUVs begin to use more popularly, Swedish manufacturers of the Volvo Auto Concert preferred not to try to adapt the standard Volvo V40 model for the Russian automobile market, but to release its more updated version called Volvo V40 CROSS COUNTRY. The novelty has many differences, namely, an increased road gaps and a special off -road plastic body kit that are increased by forty kilometers, which gives the car the presence of a more attractive species that looks like a real SUV. There was a crack on the glass in your car? No problem! You can buy a new auto -glass Volvo on the site.

It is worth noting that the appearance of the Volvo V40 Cross Country is true in the form of a real SUV, ready to take the road with any difficulty. Maybe this trick can work and the car will also be able to attract great attention to many Russian motorists, and in the end will be able to justify the hope of manufacturers that are entitled to this model.

The most remarkable feature of the exterior is the presence of impressive bumper, chrome rails on the roof equipped with a panorama with glass and the presence of attractive protective thresholds. In all other things present in the configuration of the car, there are practically no standard differences from the Volvo V40 of the standard model. The length of the machine is approximately 4370 mm and the width is 1783 mm. The height of the car is approximately one thousand four hundred and fifty eight millimeters. As for the interior of the car, everything has been done here on sound with high -quality materials.

VOLVO V40 Cross Country Safety and Features

There are no special changes to the car interior, except that there is a fashionable insert on the central console, and the change has also carried a sequel of seats in itself, and everything else is the V40 of the standard model. Each element is located on the central console and the front panel have a convenient set, access to them is absolutely free. In addition, it is worth noting the presence of established comfortable seats that have several control options and high -quality upholstery materials.

The security function for the driver of the car, together with passengers, was thought out to the smallest details – along with reliable safety belts Volvo V40 Cross Country, has a set of seven airbags and another airbag, which is designed for pedestrians. As for the technical characteristics, then two Volvo V40 Cross Country models will initially have access on the Russian market, which differ in the drive and the presence of the installed engine.

The front-wheel drive equipment is equipped with the presence of a 5-cylinder gasoline turbocharged T4 engine, the operating volume of which is 2.0 liters. The power unit has a system in its supply, which is responsible for the direct release of fuel and has power of one hundred and eighty horsepower and it can reach five thousand revolutions per minute. The torque of the engine can reach 300 nm at two hundred thousand seventy revolutions per minute.

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