New Sedan Honda Civic

Why improve one thing when you can improve everything at once? Developing a new Civic sedan, engineers took into account every detail of the car, because they were led by the desire to ensure the exceptional quality, which is invariably characteristic of Honda, and the understanding that there are no unimportant details. The result was an aerodynamic design that gives pleasure to both the driver and passengers, no matter how much time they have to spend in the car.

More style. More energy. More Civic. The dynamic form of the new Civic sedan not only pleases the eye, but also improves aerodynamics and saves fuel. Smooth athletic contours and wide landing immediately create the impression of power and speed, and the exquisite finish gives the car special charisma.

The integrity of the image, the harmony of details. Every detail of the new Civic is carefully thought out, because it should not only be aesthetic, but also give pleasure from driving. The new form of xenon headlights provides bright and stable lighting and organically complements the elegant hood lines.16 – inch alloy wheels give a convincing type to the car, emphasizing its streamlined profile, and the folding side -view mirrors facilitate the parking in narrow places.

Surround yourself with comfort and comfort. From the ergonomic cab to exquisite panels – each element of the salon of the new Civic was developed with the thought of you to create a cozy and modern atmosphere for you and your passengers. Engineers sought to provide even better side support for the front seats, preserving enough space for the rear passengers. And thanks to the new design of the front armrest console with two large drink holders, you can keep at hand even more useful trigorous in the way. The ES – Plus equipment is equipped with an access and launch system without a key is another pleasant detail of the new Civic.

Maximum pleasure from driving. The skillfully designed front panel concentrates all the devices around the driver, facilitating access to each of them. The ease of access is complemented by control panels on the steering wheel and a two -level indicator panel, which allows you to monitor their testimony, keeping the way in the field of view. All this makes the movement of the car controlled and safe. High -quality materials of the salon surfaces emphasize its balanced and ergonomic design.

Technologies that make life easier. Honda is sure that advanced technologies are valuable only if they benefit people. Therefore, the new Civic sedan is equipped with a new generation information display (I-Mid), on which it is easier and safer to track the functioning of the car systems, and the Eco Assist advanced system and the economical engine operation (ECON) are designed to minimize fuel costs and the level of harmful emissions.

World class engine. The basis of all Honda developments is the eternal desire to improve the operation of the car, reduce fuel consumption and the level of harmful emissions. So, the new Civic sedan is equipped with an I-VTEC engine of 1.8 liters, which optimizes gasoline consumption and gives vivid emotions from control. This engine can be equipped with both a 5 -step automatic and 6 -step mechanical transmission.

Innovation for safe management. Honda experts set out to embody the best security tools in the new Civic. Protection begins with the body. Thanks to the compatibility technology of structural elements (ACE), its frame absorbs impact energy and rejects it from the salon, protecting the driver and passengers. Safety pillows have already become familiar to Honda cars. Like the anti -lock brake system (ABS), which helps maintain handling in poor adhesion conditions, and the auxiliary system of emergency braking (BA), which increases brake efforts in emergency situations. Of course, these technologies require complex design and many calculations, but their ultimate goal is extremely simple – safety for you and your passengers.

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