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The updated Mitsubishi Outlander once again proved that it harmoniously combines the capacity of the SUV and the controllability of a passenger car. And all this in the framework of a reasonable price, which did not become noticeably larger after the update of the model.

A 2.4 -liter motor under the control of the variator is the best choice for a leisurely city dweller. The engine is well connected to the box: the switching is almost invisible, the speed is gaining smoothly. The car is economical: in the “Gorod” mode, the consumption of a hundred does not exceed 12 liters even with active driving. The controversial solution of Japanese engineers is to finish the torpedo with glossy black -colored plastic, on which dirt instantly settles. Probably, Mitsubishi believes that in Russia SUVs are not familiar with dusty roads.

The interior is spacious, however, a short seat pillow and a low ceiling will interfere with high drivers (above 180 cm). At distant distances, legs that are constantly on weight can flow. By the way, it is easy to support the steering wheel – it has a very modest angle of adjustment in height. Some drivers complain that they have to select the seat settings for a long time for themselves. Such a landing can be called compromise.

It is better to immediately change the standard 18 discs to the 16th-the car “floats” on them on the road, and does not calculate each fossa. The steering wheel is pleasantly so-embroidered, gives a good connection with the wheels. He has no inclinations for aggressive driving, but this is not necessary. With folded rear seats, the trunk volume is 1640 liters – commendable! The result is simple – it is a good car for moving the family and cargo from point A to point B.

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