Zaz Chance car overview

It is hard to imagine that the products of domestic car factories bypassed some foreign cars in cost, however, even for relatively little money, you can purchase a car that will be a foreign car (at least formally).

Zaz Chance became one of the most popular cars in the Economy segment, of course at the expense of cost (the basic equipment starts at 250,000 rubles.), the domestic manufacturer offers such cars a little more. Due to what, “ZAZ” was able to offer such favorable conditions? First of all, of course, due to a high level of localization (engine, interior, optics, body elements, etc.), as a result, the level of localization was about 60 %. But for starters, it is worth mentioning a car on the basis of which a “ZAZ Chance” appeared: this is “Daewoo (Chevrolet) Lanos” model 1997. However, Ukrainian designers managed to add a lot of their own “words into the song” (and very ambiguous). First of all, to simplify (and rather cheaper), engines of 1 began to put on cars on cars.3 l. Paired with a checkpoint known to many of the Tavria family, in addition, the car has lost the elements of passive safety (airbag, injured steering wheel), which raises big questions. There are not too many problems with spare parts, because the model is quite common, however, the quality of manufacture of the car (as well as spare parts) is quite low. What car to purchase does each car owner decide individually, however, in his segment “ZAZ Chance” looks (due to value) not the worst offer of market.

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