Hyundai Equus car overview

Captivates in this car the clarity of responses. A five -meter car spoke excellently to the slightest movement of the accelerator. He has effective and sensitive brakes with a clear dependence of slowdown on the change of effort. But they are not distinguished by special endurance: after a couple of energetic braking, you can notice the vibration caused by overheating.

Powerful lower -lowering engine “eight” 4.6 is absolutely not heard, almost always it does not raise the tachometer indicator more than 2000 rpm. A kind of baritone penetrates under the thrust into the car interior. In principle, the premium-Avo is as important as the quality service of semi-trailers, for example.

It is worth leaning out the window, and you will hear an “electric” moan with a small whistle, which is reflected by a dividing chipper. This serves as a reminder that everyone has already seen the prototype of this engine equipped with a drive supercharger. At the moment there is 372 l. With., However, the chassis with the transmission is quite awarded with a noticeably large charge.

The mode of the Asian box is not the most honest, it automatically changes the transmission, while switching up is carried out even earlier than the tachometer indicator reaches the previously stated revolutions of the greatest power. But lowering switching is usually accompanied by a jerk, which is not at all in standard mode “Drive”.

Does your mood depend on the work of the box of your car? Most will answer positively. The eight -speed development box of Hyundai is a real sedative.

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