Volumes of car transportation

The obvious fact is that road transport is one of the inalienable spheres of operation of modern vehicles. Every year, the need for the delivery of goods and goods is growing every year, and it is various configurations of machines that are often best suited for this role. However, due to economic and other criteria, this area is still unstable, experiencing climbs and decays.

For example, recently, multimodal transportation in Chelyabinsk has been reduced by almost 40 percent. Moreover, auto enterprises reduced the quantitative characteristics of not only commodity, but also passenger transportation.

The total volume that was carried out by freight transport of medium and large organizations of any type of economic activity, over the past year reached only 8 million 304.2 thousand tons. And this level is only 62.6 percent, compared with last year’s result.

Accordingly, the cargo turnover amounted to 328 million 507.1 thousand tons per kilometer, which correlates as 96.3 percent, compared with early results.

The indicators have fallen for passenger transportation. During the year, road transport of any business entities of the region coped with the transportation of about 162.2 million people, compared to the last result, falling 14.9 percent. Passenger turnover indicators when using road transport reached 1 billion 268.6 million passenger-kilometers, decreasing by 11.1 percent.

At the moment, this trend, according to experts, continues that it may soon require more radical intervention.

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