Training with auto instructor: Price of classes.

First of all, we are talking about the services of professional auto instructors, which means that driving teaching for an instructor is a profession, as in any profession to be a little amateur, teaching skills should be documented. Therefore, a professional auto instructor should not just be a good driver, but a driver who has passed a special training program and graduated from continuing education courses. A self -respecting driving instructor always has a “crust” of an auto instructor and presents it to the student without any problems at the first request. The certificate of the car is issued by a specialized organization and confirms the successful completion of training courses. In these courses, the future auto instructor receives not only skills in the technical part of the work and maintenance of the car, but also theoretical knowledge of building a training program, on psychological aspects of work with students. In addition to the training courses of industrial training masters (as the profession of a car instructor is officially called), there are additional courses that conduct various car hosts, automobile manufacturing companies, dealers, etc. D. These additional courses (for example, extreme driving courses in the winter) are also documented by diplomas, certificates and diplomas. The professionalism of the car instructor, backed by certificates and including extensive experience, theoretical training and the ability to find an approach to students – the first term of the cost of classes.

Labor tool of the auto instructor or training machine?

In ordinary driving schools, the fleet, as a rule, is equipped with domestic production machines or outdated foreign cars. The pattern between the cost of the lesson and the training car is usually the most direct: the more expensive the car, the more expensive the lesson. Therefore, an occupation by car with an automatic box is always more expensive than classes by car with mechanics, and the occupation on the modern premium car (Lexus, Mercedes, BMW) is more expensive than classes in a modern middle-class foreign car. There are driving courses conducted by representatives of a certain automobile brand, training takes place on cars of only this brand equipped with the latest technology. Using all sophisticated automotive capabilities. It is not surprising that the cost of such courses is an order of magnitude higher than the cost of training in a regular driving school. Dependence between the price of a training car and the cost of classes is straight: the more expensive the car, the more expensive the lesson.

Orientation on the ground, laying of new routes and night driving

We sign up for classes for the auto instructor. Purpose: to understand the route house-work. We live on a falcon, work on Tula. The duration of the lesson on average for two hours, taking into account the load of roads. The cost of the lesson consists of the usual two hours. All clear. But a suburban route of the same duration will cost more, since the resulting mileage will be much larger. The price of the lesson upon leaving the suburbs is negotiated separately with the instructor. The same should be taken into account if you want to drive at an equipped landfill: firstly, such landfills are usually located in a nightstand, and secondly, usually entering such training grounds paid. Also, at night driving affects the cost of the lesson-when driving at a later time (after 22-00), the lesson is more expensive. Any deviation from the norm: trips to other cities, races at landfills, night driving, etc. P. affects the cost of the lesson in the direction of its increase.

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