The long -awaited premiere: Renault Duster car with automatic and all -wheel drive

Now Renault Duster with all -wheel drive and automatic transmission

According to the statistics of many authoritative publications, in 2013, the Renault Duster car took the first lines in sales ratings among crossovers. There are many reasons for such popularity. Crossovers in Russia generally enjoy popular love, because, although they are talking everywhere about the road revolution, our roads will be the subject for jokes for a long time. And then there is still a fairly rather big car with good quality assembly and for quite adequate money. Although, the price of the “trump card” is controversial, yes, on the basic versions, and if you take a top execution, then the price tag is not so small. But this is what Renault Duster was definitely not enough for the car is a full drive combined with the “automatic”. There was a full -wheel drive version, there was an “automatic”, but everything was separate. True, from the very moment of the appearance of a car in Russia, the buyer was amused by the hope that this option would appear soon. And then, finally, the event took place. A car of Renault Duster with all -wheel drive and automatic transmission appeared in car dealerships. Automobile people froze in anticipation. What pleased the designers, what has changed?

Quite accidentally managed to ride a new car with a comrade. I want to share my feelings. First moved along a dirt road. I did not feel significant changes in comparison with the previous model. The same dense suspension, easily swallowing pretty decent bumps. And the same weak sound insulation. Everything that flies under the wheeled arches: pebbles, snow, branches, annoyes with an unpleasant noise. We decided to try the car on the virgin lands, the benefit of snow this year is not much. Connecting all -wheel drive is made with a puck – a controller located on the central console.

trunk with a volume of 408 liters

It is possible to choose manual shift of the box. You can choose the program yourself, and the box holds it and does not try to choose it yourself

Automatic transmission has a manual switching mode

The mode of operation. Cross -country car Renault Duster demonstrates quite worthy. They didn’t dig on the off -road at all, but in the snow there is a confidence thick 15 centimeters, only the scraps of the side fly apart. By the way, the “automatic” was supplied with additional airborne cooling here. So that it does not overheat in conditions of increased load on the transmission. “Automatic” works well, switching is smooth and occur in a timely manner. The gas pedal reacts quite vigorously without thoughtfulness. But on the highway, the age of automatic transmission makes itself felt. To achieve sharp acceleration at speed is practically not realistic. Yes, the “automatic” drops the transmission to the step below, but the speed grows very slowly. Ancient hydrotransformer takes a lot of power, but quickly transfer the torque from the engine to the wheels is not able to. Therefore, overtaking on the track creates some kind of discomfort. And fuel consumption will clearly not be small. After all, at a speed of 110 – 120 kmmin. Again, four steps of an old transmission affect.

But, that a pleasant combination of all -wheel drive and “automatic” did not greatly affect the cost of the car of Renault Duster. Today, the cost of such a copy is in the region of 660 thousand rubles, of course, depending on the configuration. And apparently, thanks to this, Renault Duster will maintain leadership positions in the class of compact crossovers for a long time. Moreover, the combination of all -wheel drive with the “automatic” and 2 – a liter engine, today is the best option.

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