Car purchase contract .

The Miavto commission store has been providing its services for the design of any vehicle since 2006. The company draws up all types of vehicles: cars, scooters, hydraulic cycers, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, tractors, ledozers, excavators, cranes, etc. D.

Miavto will prepare the necessary documents of physical. and yur. persons for contacting the traffic police: certificate-account, a contract of sale of a car, DSAGO, CASCO, OSAGO, etc.

The company mainly specializes in:

– Round -the -clock commission renewal of cars physical. and yur. persons (registration of purchase and sale and certificates from the account);

– design for the yur. and physical. persons with participation in settlement operations between these persons and vice versa;

– registration of the car and sale of a car and re-registration of a car in the traffic inspectorate;

– renewal of the car and the execution of new cars (execution of contract-disorder and certificates from the account);

– registration of the contract of sale of the car Novokuznetskaya

– drawing up a document for sale, certificates from the account, invoices, accounts of the texture;

– car insurance of cars, motorcycles, special equipment, mtocycles, etc.;

– assistance in a technical inspection (draws up a diagnostic card for any type of transport);

– renewal of cars without deregistration;

– the provision of atotorists to resolve controversial issues, for example, an unfair payment from an insurance company;

– manufacturing duplicates of state license plates for cars, as well as motorcycles, tractors. On the site you can study in detail all the services and conditions of cooperation.

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