Tesla Model Y: modernization and what’s new

The car can accelerate up to 217 km/h and travel up to 430 km on a single charge. The American company Tesla has started selling in Europe the most affordable modification of the electric crossover Model Y.

According to Electrek, prices for the new basic version of the machine may vary depending on the country. For example, in Germany, for the initial modification of the “green” crossover, you will have to pay € 54 thousand. The Long Range version, with an increased power reserve, will cost at least € 57 thousand.

In the Netherlands, the Tesla Model Y is even cheaper. Those wishing to purchase a basic version of an electric car must pay at least € 50 thousand. The modification of the Long Range costs €66 thousand.

The basic version of the crossover was equipped with one electric motor. The car can accelerate up to 217 km/h and travel up to 430 km on a single charge. Acceleration to hundreds of the car takes 6.9 s. Previously, such a modification of the car was available in the USA. However, after a month of sales, the car disappeared from the market of this country. At the same time, the single-engine version of the crossover continues to be sold in China.

The American-built Tesla Model Y began to be delivered to customers in the spring of 2020. The compact crossover borrowed the existing chassis from the Tesla Model 3. The car received a short front overhang and a panoramic roof. The coefficient of aerodynamic drag is 0.32. A large 15-inch touchscreen display is installed in the car interior, which is responsible for controlling most of the Model Y functions.

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