How to make a CDL in the USA and tips

These are the rights that allow a person to become a truck driver or a trucker. In order to take a CDL, you need to have a regular American driver’s license.

With the rights, you need to go to the local DMV office and express a desire to get a CDL. A person is given questions to prepare for the exam.

First comes the theoretical part. The theory exam includes more than 200 questions, and in some states it is possible to take it in Russian. After a person passes the theory, he will be given a paper that he has submitted for permission. The permit entitles you to study at a truckers driving school. A person studies at a driving school for two weeks, and then passes the exam and receives a CDL. The training costs about $ 2 thousand.

If you listen carefully to what they say and remember, then anyone will be able to pass the first time. The practical exam usually includes: parallel parking, smooth riding backwards and a half-hour drive around the city. All trucks usually have an automatic transmission.

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