Rolled rinks.

The French company “Drike” manufactures multi -axial trailers – sites for transporting bulky cargoes.

The height of the loading of an eight -axle trailer with a carrying capacity of up to 150 ms due to the hydraulic system of balancing and control of the wheels and the use of special tires of small diameter – less than a meter.

To reduce the height of the platform, rubberized rollers are used, the diameter of which is much smaller than pneumatic wheels.

Due to the insufficient carrying capacity of existing bridges, water barriers are overcome using a special articulated pontoon composed of individual steel pontoons. Ponton can be dismantled and transported to another water obstacle. For transporting a nuclear reactor weighing 325 tons (USA), a 20-axle trailer was used on the road section.

The reactor was transported in limbo – on its bottoms on the fingers two supporting consoles were fixed, relying on the triller carts. This reduced the height of loading and a lot of road trains. The towing of a road train with a total mass of 527 tons was carried out by two tractors with a capacity of 600 liters. With. each, and one was used as a pusher. The average transportation speed was up to 8 km/h.

For the passage of bridge and other road structures with limited carrying capacity, English companies use the principle of air pillow to reduce the axial load, which is created under the platform or transported cargo. Metal processing machines are often needed in production. Now such machines have become possible to order on the Internet.

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