Porsche engines will become smaller

The English auto -building “Car” found out detailed data on the new line of the internal combustion engine for cars “Porsche”. We are talking about a family of units with turbocharged and engine V4. It should be noted that 2 months ago one of them is gasoline ICE 2.0 240 “horses” – tried on the model “Porsche Macan”. However, the designers do not intend to dwell on this. According to Car, at this time, the Germans are working on the smallest in the DIS line 1 line.6 with a return of approximately 210 “horses”. He will receive the opposite “architecture”, and will also be equipped with direct injection. Note that this motor may enter the gamut of the new Porsche model, which is designed on the base of “Boxster”. Roadster will be cheaper, in short and lighter than its “donor”. Its price will push away from approximately 39 thousand. euro, which is much cheaper than other auto brand. The output of the model is scheduled for 2016, and most likely, by the same time it will “rush” and motor 1.6. In addition to him, 2 more new gasoline ICE gasoline – 2 are subjected to the power gamut of the novelty.5 and 2.0 that can give up to 360 “horses”. The role of the checkpoint will be played by “mechanics” or “automatic” called “PDK” with 2 clutches. Now V4 engines in Porsche cars are most likely an exception, rather than the rule. In addition to the “Macan” model, gasoline V4 is equipped with sports cars of the World Endurance Race for Endurance.

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