Ducati Monster 1200: a new monster for a crisis

For twenty years, Ducati Monster has been a bestseller in his segment. The motorcycle has long acquired a lot of fans in all parts of the world. And for Ducati, this motorcycle has long been a breadwinner who makes the main income for the company. So 1993 for the company Bike Monster became a wonderful opportunity to increase sales quickly, very quickly. While Ducati had only expensive sports bikes in the lineup, the circle of connoisseurs of which was very narrow. Ducati Monster is not only a revolution for the company from Bologna, but for the whole motorcycle in general. Monster was the first motorcycle from the new class – Neecda. And of course, who was the first to get up – that profit. And over twenty years, Ducati Monster was dispersed by a circulation of more than 250 thousand copies, which is very good for a motorcycle that appeared almost by accident.

Since 1993, several generations of Ducati Monster have changed. From a modest, by current standards, this motorcycle has grown up to 1.2 liter power unit. And this year the new Monster was presented. Ducati Monster 1200 The first of the third generation of this legendary motorcycle. Yes, at the best time, a big Monster enters the market. In terms of production volumes, Italian motorized producers sank to the level of the mid -seventies. Although these are not the worst times for the Italian motorcycle, there were periods and worse. But still there is little pleasant. Dukati with a new monster has great hopes. Types that Monster 1200 will become a bestseller. After all, at the Monster, who had passed in Milan Motosalon, got the prize “The most beautiful motorcycle”.

The flame heart of Ducati Monster is a classic. Testastretta engine is tested by time and loved by brand fans. With its roots, Testastretta goes to the Pantah engine from the eighties. Pantah at the time of appearance had a working volume of five hundred cubes and a power of fifty -two horses. The same are the capabilities of modernization in the engine engineers who created it that the unit over time grew to a working volume in a liter of two and capacities to one hundred eighty liters. With.

Now Ducati Monster shares this engine with Multistrada 1200. Old 1078 CUBLE Two valve engine is a thing of the past. In the version for Monster has a power of 135 or 145 liters. With., Depending on the modification, version S is more powerful. Otherwise, it is classic for Ducati L-car, with liquid cooling, four valves per cylinder.

Radical processed chassis Ducati Monster. Only a small subframe remained from a classic frame like “bird cage”. The base of the motorcycle is 1511 mm. Planting now has become more vertical, with widely placed footboards. In the Signer in the standard, the OHLINS suspension is plus forged discs. But for these buns it is necessary to pay extra twenty percent to the price.

The new Ducati Monster dashboard is a TFT panel with the possibility of output of information in three configurations – Urban, Touring, Track. Depending on the operating conditions in each mode, the priority is given to a specific array of information.

ABS system on Ducati Monster three -position. Also on the motorcycle is installed tracshen control.

You do not need to be a fortuneteller to predict that the new Ducati Monster will at least help survive difficult times without large losses, at a maximum – increase sales. In the entire history of Ducati, you still need to look for the second such successful and popular motorcycle. Of the many components of Monster, one can distinguish one. This motorcycle from all Ducati products is best suited for customization. Personalization fashion is a stable trend of recent times. There are many options why this fashion has appeared, and why it is so long popular. And many are closer to the version that Castomizing is this result of urbanization. A modern city, where an individual is lost by a huge mass, and provokes somehow stand out from the crowd. Perhaps with the help of an unusual vehicle. Ducati Monster was not lost in the crowd before, the new model is even brighter and more noticeable. And if you add the original color, the original decor, then the absorber of attention is ready.

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