Jeep has become a patriotic brand in the USA

The list of the most patriotic brands in the USA includes two automobile companies and one motorcycle manufacturer.

Jeep was named the most patriotic brand in the United States according to a consumer survey conducted by the consulting company Brand Keys. A total of 5,804 US residents aged 18 to 65 were surveyed, who evaluated 1,172 brands. It should be noted that Jeep has been ranked first in the list of the most patriotic brands in the USA for the past 20 years.

In second place after Jeep is the Disney company. Amazon and Walmart are in third, Coca-Cola is in fourth, and American Express and Ford are in fifth. It is also possible to single out the motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson, which took 20th place in the rating. But Tesla dropped out of this patriotic list in 2022, although last year it took 30th place.

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