Is it possible to drive a car in the USA with a foreign driver’s license?

Are you planning a business trip to the USA? Or maybe you are planning to go on a trip? Of course, this requires a vehicle, and the only way to legally drive a car in the US is to have a driver’s license.

Remember that all foreign licenses are valid. So you can drive a car in the United States with a British license or even with a South African license. However, if your driver’s license is not issued in English or does not contain Latin alphabet characters, you will need an international driver’s license (IDP).

An IDP, also often informally referred to as an international driver’s license, can be obtained by non-U.S. citizens in their home country. Nevertheless, you have organizations such as the International Association of Drivers that issue IDPs. If you went on a trip without getting it, you can still apply online from IDA to finally drive in the United States. Don’t forget your zip code in your address for fast and accurate delivery of your IDP.

For residents of the United States, please note that you are only allowed to obtain an IDP from the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the American Automobile Travel Alliance (AATA). If you apply for an IDP from any organization other than those mentioned, your IDP automatically becomes invalid.

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