In Russia, the assembly of the Luxgen 7 crossover has begun

At the facilities of the DerWays plant, the assembly of the Luxgen crossover was started. There is information that the start of sales is planned at the beginning of October, but unfortunately no one is in a hurry to report anything about prices. They promised to publish them next week, but according to preliminary information, the Russian crossover Luxgen 7 will cost at least one million rubles. While top -end equipment to the buyer will cost 1.5 illed rubles.

Especially for the assembly of Luxgen at the facilities of the plant in Cherkessk, an additional assembly line was established. Reception on was fully automated, and is also able to produce one car in 8 hours. The body details to the factory in Cherkessk will be delivered by their Taiwan. As for the welding and painting process, Russian experts will take up the matter.

By the end of this year, DerWays is going to produce 450 vehicles per month. Further, the volume will be increased to a large extent. The planned capacity of the production line will be 40,000 cars per year. It is practically impossible to achieve this level with the help of one model, for this reason, except for Luxgen7, next year, the factory will start the assembly from the Luxgen5 sedan. Further plans will be the beginning of the production of a hatchback and another crossover here.

Luxgen7 is a typical model of a crossover, which was developed in the best Asian traditions. One of them is an excellent equipment. In this case, we will talk about a hydraulic suspension. All-wheel drive, as well as adaptive cruise control.

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