How to service American cargo atmobiles

The strategy of all manufacturers for the maintenance of trucks is the same — they should be relatively easy to manage, and, if necessary, survive the absence of a decent car service with a low level of maintenance costs throughout their service life.

And one of the main advantages of American trucks is their durability — two, or even two and a half million km. mileage. Of course, such a run provides for the replacement of most units, but the frame, aluminum or fiberglass cabin and a number of other parts can withstand 20-25 years of work.

The frames of American trucks are made of steel profile (chrome-molybdenum steel) and have a lifetime warranty against fatigue cracks. In addition, they are practically not crumpled in accidents. The aluminum skin of the cabin on a steel frame with plastic elements guarantees the absence of corrosion throughout the entire service life.

The absolute majority (up to 90%) of American trucks, unlike European ones, are produced with a 6×4 wheel formula, which allows evenly distributing the load on all axles and reducing the load on the gears of the main pairs. This is achieved through the use of special, high-strength steel and other “know-how” that have no analogues among European and Asian automakers, and, alas, ours, too. And one more important quality – on a car with three axles, when one of the rear ones fails, it is simply fixed in the upper position, and the car gets to the goal on one working bridge.

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