Features of obtaining an American driver’s license

To get a driver’s license, you will need to follow a number of rules.

Step by step:

  1. Sign up for admission to training — learning permit.
  2. Take an online test with theory.
  3. Come to the office with the documents, take a photo and pay the fees.
  4. Go to a driving school and get a certificate of completion of a pre-license course (MV—278).
  5. Sign up and take a practical driving test – road test.

Go to the NY DMV website, and click on the “Begin your online permit application” button. This is something like a local traffic police or traffic police website.There is a detailed list of documents that are suitable for obtaining a driver’s license.To be admitted to the test, you need to collect the documents. I provided a photo of: Soul Security Namber — SSN (if it is not there, then you need a document that will confirm this), a foreign driver’s license and a New York ID — NYC ID.

If you do not have the necessary documents, then a foreign passport with an American visa will do, and a printed bank statement will do to confirm your residence in New York.

We attach all the documents and send them. After that, it becomes available to us to take an online test with theory. The link to the passage is sent to the mail.

To prepare for the test, I used the DMV-2021 mobile app. The test seemed very simple to me, I answered 80% of the questions correctly without preparation. I repeated this three times and went to take the test on the official DMV website. I made only one mistake out of 50 questions.

After passing the test, I signed up for a visit to the DMV office. It’s good that the nearest available date was in a few days.A notification with a QR code is sent to the mail, which will need to be shown at the entrance.

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