Dong Feng K3

Something Chinese auto-firs “pulled” on hatchbacks. Then we examined Changfeng Kylin-the new concept car of this company. Then hafei brio. And our today’s hero Dong Feng K3 is generally very similar to the Chana Benni.

I dare to assume that everything is in a huge number of cars in large cities of the planet. I already wrote that the Chinese authorities have adopted a program for a sharp restriction of sales of cars in Beijing and other large cities – there is no longer anywhere to go!

And such small cars from the point of view of moving on the surface of the Earth are exactly what it is necessary: ​​they occupy little space, consume little fuel, cost less money and are the most acceptable transport.

I want to focus your attention on the fact that this car is a concept. T. e. So far, his passport data is not yet unknown, not clear and territories for sales – I would like to hope that they will also get to us. Indeed, in theory, Dong Feng K3 should get into the segment of the most budget hatchbacks, which in our space of the USSR are sold very confidently.

And again a light salon throughout the height. Why the Chinese love him so much? Well, it’s not practical with us and that’s it! I would not want to buy a car with this color of the cabin of the salon. At least the lower part should be dark.

It is clear that if the Chinese car Dong Feng K3 claims the budget segment of the market, then it can not be superior to the prefix. Such a goal is not even set. Although deep down any buyer wants to have at least a little modern in his car. We will wait for the official publication and hope for the mass supplies of this hatchback here, to us.

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