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Car weapons in Armenia is more expensive than in Georgia more than 12 times. According to the chairman of the Republican Union of RA Employers Gagik Makaryan, on average the customs clearance of one car in Armenia costs the owner of $ 8,500, while in Georgia – only $ 700. The high cost of registration is explained by the fact that Armenian customs officers do not accept the invoices when customs clearance of cars and put it out on the market value of the machine, while in Georgia they are pulled out at an invoice value, Makaryans said. He noted that customs clearance in Georgia is as simplified as possible, takes a matter of minutes and requires only two documents-an invoice and a document on the content of the cargo. The age of the machine and engine volume are mainly taken into account. Makaryan assured that, according to his observations, the fleet in Georgia is much newer than in Armenia, and the reason for this is the cost of customs clearance. He explained high taxes by the desire of the Armenian authorities to replenish the state budget. In this regard, it is unlikely that Armenia will reduce bets on customs clearance, added the chairman of the Union, who recently returned from Georgia. Meeting with journalists was dedicated to the topic of the green economy. Makaryan noted that new machines are less polluted in the environment, and in this regard the situation with ecology in Georgia is better. Regarding the environmental situation as a whole, one can agree, but given the fact that the fleet in Armenia is 80% uses gas in the form of fuel, which is environmentally friendly than gasoline, it can be concluded that the main damage to the ecology is still not caused by machines.

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