Dispatching management of road vehicles

Thanks to transport, we save our time, it also performs household functions, with the help of it we easily carry out the transportation of heavy cargo. One of the reliable companies is the cargo -transmission Kiev taxi “Mayak”. On their website you can familiarize yourself with detailed information. Here you can also make an order for the transportation of goods. If we talk about the dispatch management during various transportation, then the general operational daily planning for the areas of road transport is carried out. At the same time, the main objective of the planning group is the correct selection of goods for the delivery (export) in areas, taking into account the terms of delivery of goods, the rational use of the rolling stock of railway, water and road transport, warehouse containers and loading and unloading equipment. The invoices received from the commodity office of the railway station (port) with the markings on the unloading of goods in a particular section of the warehouse according to specialization are laid out in the cells of the cabinet of the dispatch file cabinet, which is divided into a certain number of directions through the city districts. The senior dispatcher of the planning group, together with the employee of the station (port) participating in the planning, and the operational district dispatchers of the department located in the warehouse, select documents for goods that were not included in the export plan for the current day and may or should be exported to the upcoming planned planned day. At the same time, the cargo is selected at the scorched railway station (port) overhead for the delivery of consignors from warehouses. These cargoes are recorded in the book of receipt of cargo and sending (appendix. 6). Such a system of dispatch planning allows the selection of goods for importing (export) with the aim of maximum loading of road vehicles in both directions with a minimum empty mileage of a car. With the selection of documents for the cargo, to be imported (export), it is preliminarily issued goods and vehicles. One of the important tasks in the operational dispatch planning of the work of road transport for the coming day is the maximum use of night time to pre -night loading of the rolling stock, as well as the use of replaceable semi -trailers and overloading goods according to the direct version of the “car – car”, “vessel – car”. The operational daily work plan is drawn up in the form. The organization of night loading and the use of replaceable semi-trailers are effective in the productive use of rolling stock of road transport and loading and unloading vehicles. The developed technological map of the night loading of the rolling stock and the use of interchangeable semi -trailers is applied to the contract concluded between the heaps and the railway department (port). The use of metabolic semi -trailers during centralized transportation of goods from railway stations (ports) makes it possible to organize round -the -clock rhythmic work, increase labor productivity and reduce the cost of transportation. The most effective use of exchange semi-trailers when transporting goods requiring manual processing, additional time for loading and unloading work. For the planned daily volume of the delivery (export) of goods, the number of metabolic semi -trailers is determined taking into account the type of cargo and type of shipment; coefficient of static use of carrying capacity; the number of simultaneous loading fronts; the regime (rhythm) of the work of the point or time spent on maneuvering and loading of one semi -trailer; Auto -tagging interval l.

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