Artem Vlasenko: “I control the machine as a dream”

Today’s guest VIP parking director of Optic-Center Artem Vlasenko with his faithful iron horse Toyota Prado.

– How close to you is a car theme?

– The car theme is very close to me, probably like any man. Today it is quite difficult to imagine our life without a car.

– How long you drive a car?

– From the age of 15. Then, of course, I had no right. (Smiles). I traveled to the forest paths with my father. Then there was a study at DOSAAF – and as a result of the right with categories B, with. So today my driving experience has almost 20 years.

– Remember your first car? And what cars had to travel during this time?

– My first cars were VAZ: 2108, 2109, 2199 … Well, later foreign cars “Nisan”, “BMW” appeared. For a long time I traveled to Toyota Landcrose 80 ..

– What car you have now?

– Toyota Prado – a car on which I continue to move around for the fourth year.

– Why did the choice fall on this brand?

– This is primarily due to the reliability that this auto -brand promotes. And of course, I was convinced of this, driving Toyota cars over the past ten years. During this period I had no serious problems. (Knocks on wood). By the way, my wife also controls Toyotai.

– Machine for you “creature” animate?

– To be honest, I never thought about it. But, of course, like any creature, the car loves a good attitude and care. Many were probably convinced how the clean car drives quickly.

-Do you have any automobile traditions or talismans?

– There is one of the talismans and that is not directly connected with the car – this is the number, I am an adherent of one number or combination of numbers on it, I think that they bring good luck.

– How can you characterize your driving manner?

-It is difficult to talk about their own manner of driving … Someone from the outside could better describe, but I can say for sure that I am not a dashing, I try to go carefully. The main thing is not to create problems with your driving problems for other participants in this fascinating process.

– the car usually corresponds to its owner. What qualities you and your car match?

– (thinks). Well, maybe I try to follow the well -known slogan of Toyota: “Manage a dream”. Maybe this is said loudly, of course, but everyone has a dream and everyone should manage it, otherwise it will not come true.

– Did you have the opportunity to compare Russian and foreign roads?

– This year there was an opportunity to compare the Russian roads, having traveled as a passenger from Chelyabinsk to Astrakhan and back. What can I say? Scary! In our area, the roads are more or less. Well, foreign roads – without comment.

-In your opinion, is there a conflict of male drivers and female drivers? How do you feel about the stereotype that a woman driving is a disaster?

-I think this conflict is thought up or maybe I was lucky for women leaders, the main thing is that they do not paint during driving, and everything will be ok. (Laughs). About disaster – this is definitely not about my wife.

– In your opinion, how often you need to change the car?

-I think that every three to four years. It’s my opinion. The benefit of the auto industry helps us in this. Personally, I am planning this car next year. I haven’t decided on the brand yet.

– You can say that a car is a mandatory component of a person’s image?

– Definitely one of the main components of the image. And in general, everything that comes into contact with a person, and there is a mandatory component. Human image is clothing, shoes, glasses, watches, haircuts … And the car is the final component. Since everything that I listed above is wearing a person, but a person is inside a car.

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