Among the distinctive features of the American novelty are a “motorized” removable front panel, as well as a built -in five power amplifier, the four outputs of which are used for front and rear loudspeakers, and the fifth (issuing the same 45 watts) – for the “recharge” of the central dynamics. Digital sound processing is entrusted to built -in decoders Dol Digital, Dol Prologic, MPEG and DTS. The system provides temporary signals in each channel, which makes it possible to adjust the audio complex to the acoustic features of the cabin of a particular machine.

It is clear that this is a chic car, but not more than that. Many of the audience simply could not understand, but what, in fact, these beautiful foreign cars were stuck.

Indeed, by and large, all new foreign cars, the cost of which exceeds 50 thousand euros, are also technically perfect and their appearance is also no less progressive. That is why, when everyone was allowed to get to know the participants to get to know the largest crowds gathered at… 1978 Ford Escort. He had only a motor and brilliant letters on the hood from the factory configuration. Everything else is redone beyond recognition, and in the appearance of the car there is no identification. At the end of the “tuning parade”, the people reached out in a warm and cozy exhibition complex.

It is clear that such a “chassis” requires more, but nothing forever under the moon. By the way, the engine resource largely depends on the frequency of oil change, and the fact that it has to be done every 5000 km is normal. After all, he is recommended by the “mineral water”, which perfectly copes with its duties in this range.

Finally, not only the “ships” of high-ends, but also small (by American standards) cars like Chrysler Sebring got to us. According to the European classification, this almost five -meter machine competes with Opel Omega, Audi A6 and the “five” BMW. The Americans themselves position it rather with a lower class – Opel Vectra, Audi A4 and so on. Why – you ask, because only compacts are located below state gradation.

CTS you can’t do it particularly. He and the officials cost exactly the same. After all, the car, oddly enough, sounds – the product “perishable”, like fruits or flowers. I could not interest them today, and the car freezes for months. Therefore, risking our own money, and not the money of manufacturing companies, we sometimes have the right to set a higher price. – Your recommendations to customers? – The best is General Motors products. Even in case of unofficial supplies.

In addition to eliminating all chips and scratches and making complete cosmetics, we suggest visiting a car service on any car sold in our salon. Moreover, it is not the service to which we are related to and which the client trusts. According to our information, no one else in Moscow offers such a service. – But your main horse is a completely new exclusive due to the ocean. You carry such cars trailers? – Of course, everyone wants the car to have zero mileage. But this is unrealistic for us. Firstly, no one will go to the risk, buying 3-4 Nissan Quest or Toyota Sienna immediately. We can count on no more than one buyer for a similar car per month, because the models have not yet been promoted. To Helsinki – mileage 0 km. Next – 1000-1100 km. Delivery takes 24 days to order.

And of course, any real buyer has the right to a test drive. – And how do you determine this real client, not a yawning? – In our country, this very often has to be done by eye. Well, the same as, probably, the visitor’s guard at the entrance to the elite night club determines, that is, there is the concept of face control. If a boy came who just wants to sit in an expensive car, see him, they are unlikely to be allowed. We even have this principle: we offer guards at the entrance to talk gently with a person and understand that he wants. If there is a suspicion that a citizen is not a potential buyer, but simply “brought his eyes”, he is politely refused.

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