Anti -radars

Anti-radars or radars-detectors first appeared in order to avoid unwanted stopping the traffic police services. The employees of this service themselves initially were skeptical of these anti -radars, then they began to ban them, but then they realized that these devices could be used for the benefit of drivers – in order to protect them from danger, maintain their health and life, as well as the life of those around them of people.

The principle of operation of the anti -radar is as follows: the device captures the waves that the radar determines the speed long before the car itself gets into them. After taking this signal, the anti -radar issues a light and sound signal warning about the presence of speed fixation systems and the driver automatically reduces the speed of movement. This system has repeatedly helped Lihachi drivers save on fines for speeding.

After some debates, the traffic police decided to install the beacons on the hazardous sections of the road, which will issue a signal similar to the signal of the radar of the fixing speed. As a result, before moving along a dangerous section of the road, a driver with anti -radar reduces speed and, together with it, reduces the risk of an accident.

Subsequently, the production of anti -radars acquired a wide turnover. There were many scammers who made the device by saving a signal on the receiver to reduce the cost of the product and increase their profits. In any case, remember that the rules of the road are written not just like that, but their goal is to preserve your life and your property.

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