Acura NSX (reviews)

ACURA NSX review

The dynamically stylized concept of the Acura NSX gives us an idea of ​​the next car with large performance from the Acura luxury brand.

Using light materials and a centrally located power unit V6, the conceptual car combines several innovative Acura technologies, including the use of a new SH-AWD sports hybrid all-wheel drive.

Acura ZDX review

Using 2 electric motors with a double-sided adjustable torque, the new hybrid system “All-Wheels-Drive” can instantly generate a negative or positive torque on the front wheels when turning. The company is sure that the innovative AWD Sport SH-AWD innovative all-wheel drive will be more comfortable in managing than the previous AWD drive. In addition to the drive, the developers added a VTEC gas distribution system. In addition, the V6 engine (with a direct fuel supply) operates in a pair of double clutch with an integrated electric drive to create an acceleration of the car, while offering high efficiency.

“This Sport Hybrid Sh-AWD drive will make the final embodiment of the brand idea from Acura NSX. Like the first NSX, we again express high performance due to engineering efficiency, ”said Takanobu, President and Executive Director of Honda Motor Co, Ltd.

Acura MDX review

We remind you that the head of the first Acura NSX project was precisely Takanobo. He can be said to put his soul into that car, and indeed, the way it is. The car is simply chic, aggressive and at the same time comfortable and friendly.

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