Acura has created a premium hybrid car

A well-known automobile company that has a separate Acura unit decided to surprise its customers with a new large premium machine. The car turned out to be hybrid. Engineers worked gloriously, because they managed to install three electric motors to the standard gasoline engine at once. The first electric motor helps powerful, 3.5-liter motor to accelerate, setting in motion the front axle. And the remaining two electric motors are completely thrown into the rear wheels. The total capacity of the machine turned out 377 horses, which is not a few for a hybrid car in such a class. The model is called Acura Rlx Sport Hybrid. Talk exactly how much the car is still too early. But you can write books about the economy of this machine, because with all the power that it issues, it consumes only 7.8 liters of gasoline per hundred in a mixed cycle. This is the consumption of an ordinary middle -class car, it is expected that this car can “compete” in speed with large gasoline V8.In the cabin, everything is perfect and simple. A large panel on which all the sensors are clearly visible and a high -quality, powerful steering wheel. Many, buying such a car, put brawls on the steering wheel of women. But in this car you can do without them, because the steering wheel lies well in the hands. The company keeps up with fashion and does the same as its competitors in the market. Other prestigious hybrid cars were recently seen. Acura decided that she should not lag behind competitors and also made a new car. Unfortunately, the car, for sure, will not get to Russia and Ukraine.

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