About cars

I am sure that everyone dreams of getting an excellent, and most importantly economical, comfortable car. After all, the car is not tied to rails, like a steam locomotive or a locomotive, it does not need current -ending wires as in a trolley, and these are not all the advantages of a car.

However, the car has one “but”, the cause is pollution of the environment, as I already said at the beginning of the article. Therefore, firms of different countries are trying to create a certain model of a car whose movements will be carried out on solar energy, but I think before that we still live and live. Although there are some models, in some countries, they are not yet fully developed, and have a very low speed.

Well, now a little into the past, having read in one of the books, it turns out that it is still unknown who has collected the first model of the car, and scientists are still arguing with this. Some believe that this is a Belgian scientist Ferbibist, others call all the famous Newton, someone generally recalls the artillery Captain Kunho. Previously, the first cars were invented with a steam engine, and more like a bicycle, or something like that.

Well, now I’ll briefly tell about modern cars, now the development of the car is very complicated, every year people think about safety at the same time, and of course about good speed, and some in economy is fuel, because if the machine requires a lot of gasoline for a certain speed and distance, I think it is unlikely to be popular among buyers.

Countries in which engineering are developed, a little – these are Japan, Germany, the USA, Russia and others.

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