Travel sign of indecent content

After long disputes in the administration of the Italian province of Treviso, the municipality nevertheless adopted a resolution introducing a new road sign on the streets of the city. The name of the sign is alarming in advance and, forcing them to get lost in conjecture, helps to reduce speed, and therefore an increase in road safety.

The new sign is made in the form of a white triangle with a red frame in the manner of our warning signs. A woman in a mini skirt with a cosmetic bag in her hands is depicted on a white background. For those who do not immediately understand the meaning of the picture, the sign is equipped with an appropriate explanatory inscription – “Attenzione Prostitute”. In Russian, the sign is called “carefully prostitutes”.

The municipality motivated the need to install this sign on the local Red Light Street with the need for timely informing tourists and mothers with children, as well as increasing the vigilance of drivers.

Local wits are already discussing the initiative of the municipality of the introduction of a new road sign, in the press and on the pages of the Internet. Italian drivers do not know how to respond to this sign. Either as a place where the special category of pedestrians crosses the road, which must be skipped, or as a place where it is ordered to stop and take off the girl.

Nevertheless, as they say, “the dog barks – the wind wears”. According to preliminary data from the special commission of the Treviso municipality, the number of accidents in the area of ​​the installation of signs decreased by 25 %, which means that the venture is timely and effective.

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