Toyota will soon start a fantastic car

When we watch some kind of fantastic film and see a car there, which is driving without a car, and the passenger sat down peacefully on the chair that it is fantastic, because this cannot be in real life. Toyota is trying to destroy this outdated opinion, though so far only half it created a car that is driven without a steering wheel. Maybe in the future they will make a car that will drive without human help. This technical development will be shown at the exhibition in Tokyo, the car received three wheels and the name FV2. You can wonder how the car will be controlled, because there is no steering wheel. The company made the machine to connect to the driver physically. The car is controlled by the direction of the body to the string into which the car should turn. The company says that a car with a driver should achieve such mutual understanding as a rider with a horse. In addition, the car will never get bored with you, because, over time, it will adapt to your mood and do controllability “more gambling”. Electronics will determine the driver’s mood by the timbre of the voice and facial expression. You can also record the routes on which you plan to move to the computer. The car has a protective glass, which in addition to protection can operate as a display of augmented reality. If you are in an accident, then you need insurance compensation for the damage to be well carried out. It is best to order this service from a private organization so that the assessment is really carried out in fact.

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