Toyota and Suba modernize their “twins”.

Famous auto companies “Suba” and “Toyota” announced refinements for their sports compartment – “BRZ” and “GT86”. Models, by and large, differ only by nameplates. Therefore, the modernization program turned out to be a single. The designers reconfigured the chassis a little, and the auto designers slightly detached the decor of the models.

So, the suspension of these two models will receive more durable fasteners of shock absorbers. We also add that the mechanisms themselves are also updated, which should ultimately reduce the rolls in sharp speedy turns. It should be noted that in the interior of updated cars there are decorative inserts “under the carbon”, which will decorate the torpedo car. The designers replaced the antenna on the roof with a more stylish “fin”. In addition, the buyer of the Suba model has the opportunity to order the latest shade of the body called “WR Blue Pearl”.

In the motor compartment of these two Japanese models, everything remained as before. There is a gasoline ICE 2.0, which at the peak of its revolutions is able to give out 200 “horses”. In the market of the Russian Federation, “Suba” is available only with a six -band “pen”, but the Toyota auto company makes it possible to travel with “automatic”. It is also worth saying that the cost at the GT86 compartment now originates from a mark of 1.3 million. rubles, for the BRZ model – from 1.4 million. rubles.

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