The potential of the Customs Union

Recently, export goods and international cargo transportation cost their customers and owners very expensive. The fact is that any cargo transported through customs posts is always taxed by various taxes and commissions, and also requires many different documents.

However, there are countries that have taken care of this matter and simplified the cargo system in order to attract new entrepreneurs and companies. This category of countries also includes the countries of the Customs Union. Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are already in the status of countries that have entered the vehicle, which allows them to effectively develop the logistics infrastructure and the freight market itself, both railway and automobile.

The manufacture of plastic cards for skipping, the design of international tolerance and a large number of other documents of the millet is not required for cargo transportation between these countries. For effective cargo transportation to the carrier to the carrier or its carrier, it will be enough to have a packaging sheet, an invoice and a commodity bill.

Positive results from creating such a system of cargo transportation have already made itself felt, and Russia from 2010 to 2012 increased its turnover in the countries of the vehicle several times, reaching 58 billion dollars, and not only the indicators of the TS countries are growing, which carry out cargo transportation between themselves, but also foreign trade, when one of the countries of the vehicle is trading with a country that is not included.

Obviously, with the proper development of the TS market, will ensure the promotion of trade between countries.

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