The main differences between American and European cars

The cars, which are assembled in the USA, are equipped with red turn indicators. In the States, red turn signals, like yellow ones, are perceived normally.

There will be problems with this in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian laws, only yellow turn signals should be on the car, although there is no official information about the prohibition of red ones anywhere. A substantial fine is guaranteed to the owner of an American car if this nuance is not eliminated.

Gear shift box

Since almost all people drive in America – from young to old, regardless of social status and financial wealth, age, it is more convenient to produce cars with automatic transmission. Because of this, cars accelerate slower compared to European cars, so overheating of the hydraulic fluid is excluded. And in the “Europeans” they additionally install cooling devices.

Suspension and brakes

Overseas drivers appreciate comfort in cars very much, but they pay much less attention to safety. The brake pedal in a standard situation copes with the task and ensures normal braking of the car. However, when you have to brake urgently, alas, the pedal is not suitable for this.


State automakers take into account only the durability of tires and their cost. It is important for them that the rubber departs at least 100 thousand km of mileage. But what about the grip of the wheels of the car with the road surface in ice, snowfall or downpour?

Speedometer, temperature sensors

Sometimes flashing of automotive devices in foreign foreign cars helps to change measuring values, for example, miles by kilometers, and degrees Fahrenheit by degrees Celsius, which are officially accepted in Ukraine. It is not very convenient to carry out these calculations on a trip, because to find out the mileage traveled, the data will have to be multiplied by a factor of 1.6. But in some foreign cars it is impossible to do flashing.


Americans love to travel and just move around comfortably. Therefore, in almost all cars, regardless of the basic or premium configuration, there is an air conditioner. The window lifter will also please owners of cars from the USA. An additional attractive feature, especially for coffee and tea lovers, is glass holders. Many cars in the USA are purchased on leasing rights. This means that the technical condition of vehicles, scheduled inspections, maintenance and diagnostics are monitored by the company that issued the lease, and not by the owner at all.


In addition to turn indicators, cars from America and Europe also differ in the intensity of the light beam falling into the oncoming traffic lane. If we take into account the American DOT standards, the amount of light is many times more.

It is important to check that there are rear fog lamps on European models. Some optics are difficult to replace later. Ukrainian motorists scrupulously take into account all the nuances when buying a foreign car and preparing to deliver a car from the USA to Ukraine. All details are discussed with competent assistants. Car purchases should only be successful.

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