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Back in 1981, the story of Nissan Sanny’s loved ones from a Japanese concern began with many cars. Many modifications of this car have appeared over the years. Manufacturers are very careful about the reputation of their brainchild, and any offers and comments of their buyers are necessarily taken into account the next modification of the machine.

All models have almost the same appearance. In different modifications of the car, it changes extremely rarely and slightly. But Nissan Sanny 1991 has much higher technical characteristics than the first models due to the fact that all identified shortcomings are eliminated. Back to the appearance of the car. It is always recognizable by narrow rectangular headlights, flat hood and low landing. Very comfortable salon, convenient and spacious. True, in the back seat three passengers can be inconvenient and closely located. The driver’s seat can be adjusted, and even the driver who has a fairly large weight will be comfortable in it. Therefore, Nissan Sunny is considered a conservative model. Probably, his appearance does not change because he was chosen originally successfully. Even now, when high sedans became fashionable, Sanny brings some kind of joy and nostalgia for their appearance. Nissan Sunny’s car is considered an environmentally friendly and economical mode of transport. Technical characteristics of Nissan Sunny are always on top

Car engines have a working volume of 1.4 to two liters. The engine power is also different on various versions, from seventy -five to one hundred two horsepower. The gearbox can be automatic or mechanical, it is installed at the choice of the buyer.

In twelve seconds the car accelerates to one hundred kilometers. Nissan Sunny 1997 Technical characteristics allow us to reach a maximum speed of one hundred seventy kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption in cars is low. Brake systems can be disk or drum. The latest models of Nissan Sunny 1999 Technical characteristics are improved by the introduction of only disc brake systems. Each buyer refers to the choice of a car very carefully. After all, the car is chosen for more than one day. The car should become a reliable and faithful assistant to safely and conveniently bring its owner and passengers to the destination.

Nissan Sunny have a variety of options in their lineup. It can be hatchbacks or station wagon, sedan or compartment. Customer reviews that can be read on car portals will only give you confidence in the purchase of this particular machine. After all, Nissan Sunny 2000 Technical characteristics have excellent. Even at high speed, the car has a good clutch with the road surface. And when driving, it is very stable. Many owners note the excellent work of the gearbox, automatic it or mechanical.

On such a portal you can find out and compare prices for different versions of the car. Can be compared to Nissan Sanny 2003 Technical characteristics with the properties of other versions issued earlier. On the latest versions of the Sanny car began to install new engines. The distribution mechanism is driven by a chain, since in others a gear belt was used instead of it. The original design of the engine tensioner and the sedative allows you to not devote much time to the drive. A distinctive feature of all Nissans Sunny is their excellent anti -corrosion treatment. For your purchase to become successful, decide on priorities, study the market, analyze prices, compare the characteristics of the cars and make an accurate choice.

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