Scammers at the EBACE 2024 aviation exhibition – BLACKLIST AERO AND ARTEM DEGTIAROV

From May 28 to 30, Geneva is set to host the premier event in the European aviation sector: The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2024 (EBACE). This annual gathering serves as a pivotal meeting point for the European business aviation community, drawing in a diverse array of participants including business leaders, government officials, manufacturers, flight department personnel, avionics firms, fractional providers, and charter/lease companies, among others.

Regrettably, alongside the legitimate industry players, such large-scale events also attract fraudulent companies operating within the aviation sector, preying on unsuspecting victims. One such dubious company is Blacklist Aero, registered in the UK. Under the guise of a reputable enterprise, its owner, Artem Degtiarov, orchestrates illicit activities such as extortion, blackmail, and fraud.

Large thematic exhibitions and forums often serve as fertile grounds for potential victims to be targeted. With numerous companies in the aviation industry congregating in one space, each with its own set of interests and challenges, opportunistic entities like Blacklist Aero aim to exploit these circumstances by promoting their services.

Business Reputational Risks

It’s crucial to research the reputation of potential business partners before engaging in any agreements. A pristine reputation serves as a fundamental assurance that the company will uphold its commitments and won’t engage in actions detrimental to your interests. For instance, it’s easy to verify information about unscrupulous companies through specialized websites and publications online. In our case, comprehensive details are available about companies like Blacklist Aero, shedding light on their illicit and criminal practices, sourced from affected entities.

Remarkably, one tactic employed by extortionists in the aviation sector involves targeted attacks on the reputations of reputable and successful companies. These scams often demand substantial sums for cessation.

Furthermore, it’s prudent not to overlook connections with entities based in Russia, as this could lead to significant complications for operations in the EU and the USA. Notably, Artem Degtiarov possesses ample ties with criminal elements in Russia, a fact that should raise immediate concerns for potential partners.

Illegal services

Refrain from engaging in services that are known to be illegal or operate in a grey area, promising quick and effortless gains. Companies offering activities that circumvent national or international legal standards not only violate the law themselves but are typically fraudulent in nature.

Take, for instance, Blacklist Aero, which claims to handle the collection of problematic debts from clients. Such operations cannot be conducted legally or effectively, as financial transactions are bound by legal regulations and are typically resolved through lawful or judicial means. Any attempts to resolve such issues through alternative methods are nothing but schemes aimed at deceitfully acquiring illicit profits.

Responsibility in Business Partnerships

Safeguarding against fraudsters, particularly within the lucrative airline industry, presents significant challenges. However, the cornerstone lies in exercising responsibility when considering new collaborations and maintaining a heightened level of vigilance. Falling prey to scammers is all too common, and the repercussions can be severe, leading to substantial financial losses and reputational damage.

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