New Pickup Volkswagen Amarok.

Volkswagen launched its first pickupian in 1979 on the Golf model platform. It was produced in the United States for the simple reason that in this country cars of this class are very popular. Recently, the Volkswagen concern is actively working on the “capture” of the automobile market. In this regard, in Wolfsburg, the development of a new model of this class began. The novelty was the concept of Pick-Up presented in 2008. Now it’s time to meet the new serial Volkswagen Amarok.

The novelty is not distinguished by a bright appearance. As it should be a “working” car, Amarok is deprived of all stylistic excesses, which are often endowed with most representatives of other brands. The pickup was equipped with a narrow radiator lattice covered with chrome and slightly darkened front headlights. There is a bumper under them, inside of which there is an air intake. The most expensive modification of the model – “Highline” have slightly expanded wheel arches and powerful arcs, and the steps and the rear bumper have a chrome coating. In order to increase the width of the rear side, the flashlights of the pickupa are placed in the corners of the body. The length of “Volkswagen Amarok” is 5254 mm., Width – 1944 mm., and height – 1834 mm. Moreover, its wheelbase is 3096 mm. Thanks to a powerful steel frame on which the body is located, the car is able to transport goods weighing up to 1150 kg. In general, the length of the cargo platform is 1555 mm., And its width is 1620 mm. At first, the novelty is available only in a four -door version with a slightly elongated cabin. If someone wants exactly a two-door version, then you have to wait until next year. It is worth noting that for a car of this class, it turned out to be quite spacious inside the pickup. If there is a need for an additional place (for example, for laying baggage), then you can fold the rear seats. As for the front ones, they were borrowed from Volkswagen Fox. It is worth saying that they are very convenient, have excellent lateral support, and in addition, they are snapped by a mass of different adjustments. Between them is a wide armrest with two cup holders, which, in case of unnecessarily, can simply be moved. The steering column has a rather large range of adjustment. Due to the high landing, a beautiful side review is provided, and large rear view mirrors will help in parking. The central console is crowned with a keyboard block and the audio system adjustments, under which the climate control unit is located. Device dials are decorated with silver rims. They are shared by the on -board computer monitor. The steering wheel decorates a chrome insert, and near the gearbox lever there are buttons to switch the modes of all -wheel drive transmission.

The basic version of the car is distinguished by a strict appearance. She has steel wheels, and the glove box is locked with a key. Four airbags, ABS anti -lock brake system, stabilizing the ESP system with a help function at the start of Hill Hold Assist, as well as the ASR anti -circulation system, are installed from technical equipment. When choosing a “Trendline” option, the complete set will also include: central locking, air conditioning, cruise control, electric windows and easily lifting wheels, with a diameter of 17 inches. The most expensive Highline modification is equipped with: two-zone climate control, 17-inch discs, a more expensive audio system. In addition, in the case of it, many of the interior elements are decorated with natural skin. At first, two turbodiesels of which are 2 liters will be available for Amarok. The first of them is capable of developing 122 liters. With., the second is a little more – 163 liters. With. The maximum speed that the pickup is capable is 181 km/h. Later, a 2.0 -liter gasoline “four”, the power of which is 158 liters, will also be available. With. At this time, the production of Volkswagen Amarok is carried out at the factory in Argentina, where it, in fact, will go on sale. Pickup will not be available to Europeans no earlier than September. Its estimated price will be 28-35 thousand. euro depending on the configuration.

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