New Ford Mustang: new in the old version

The iconic American sports car is still available with a V8 engine, manual transmission and rear-wheel drive — and no hybrids.

Ford has introduced the seventh generation of its most important and famous model. Despite modern trends, we still have a purebred Mustang in front of us – with an unmistakably brutal appearance and a classic layout. Strictly speaking, the platform here is almost the same as that of the previous generation, only modified.

The engines are also preserved: at the start of sales, the Mustang will be available either with a four-cylinder 2.3 Ecoboost turbo engine, or with a classic atmospheric V8 5.0. For sure, these units have been upgraded and increased in power, but the technical characteristics are still kept secret.

But it is known that the differential of increased friction on the driving axle is included in the standard equipment, and the transmission can be selected from a ten-speed “automatic” and a six-speed “mechanics” with the function of automatic adjustment of speed when switching. Another nice point is the traditional parking brake lever. The mechanism itself is electronically controlled, but this solution was chosen in order not to complicate the life of drift lovers.

The new Ford Mustang is presented simultaneously in two traditional bodies — a coupe and a convertible — and with a wide range of additional equipment. In addition to the individualization of the body and interior, you can order a set of Performance Pack — a spacer between the front suspension struts, adaptive shock absorbers, more powerful brakes and sports tires. The GT Performance Pack adds to this improved engine and brake cooling systems.

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