Heater valve for car: characteristics, features and selection tips

Every car has a heater that uses antifreeze. A similar substance is also used to cool the engine. The supply of technical fluid is regulated by a special valve. To understand the importance of the device and the features of its choice, it is worth finding out more information on https://klifex.com/heater-valve-repair-kit/ .

Main functions of the valve and causes of malfunctions

The valve is designed to ensure a uniform supply of liquid to the passenger compartment or to the radiator, depending on the heating parameters set. It is this part that ensures the passage of antifreeze into the main components and lines of the car.

To choose a reliable and relatively cheap option, buy heater valve for car in the Kiev Klifex store. There are options suitable for various car models.

The main causes of valve damage are corrosion, clogging, mechanical stress leading to rupture, puncture or cut. In this case, this will immediately affect the performance of the system. There will be no heating, the engine will overheat, or, conversely, quickly cool down in the cold season.

The site has a large selection of products. You need to go to the page of a specific product to find out its specifications. Photographs will also help you accurately determine the required valve, where there is an image of the product assembled and without. All products are accompanied by technical characteristics, detailed descriptions, and an indication of which models and years of production of cars they are suitable for.


When purchasing repair kits on the Klifex website, the consumer will receive a high-quality, reliable product at a relatively economical price. According to their characteristics, the valves will fully correspond to the original spare parts, have a similar service life, and the cost will be lower. When manufacturing products, the standards set by the world’s major manufacturers are observed. A store warranty is provided.

There is an international delivery service. The product can be purchased by residents of any region of Ukraine and foreign countries. Payments are accepted by bank cards, PayPal and cryptocurrency.

To ensure exact valve compliance, you can contact a company specialist and receive comprehensive advice. The use of repair kits allows you to achieve significant savings without compromising the reliability and durability of vehicle systems.

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