FIRST DRIVE: Toyota Camry

The well -known Toyota Camry car now has some innovations that cannot be noted.

It would seem, why at all to change anything in a car, which so firmly established itself in the market and which has such a huge number of customers and fans? However, manufacturers do not agree with this statement.

The first thing that catches the eye at the sight of the updated Toyota Camry is, of course, the updated car design. It is worth looking at a new car, and associations with a heavy, serious car immediately appear in my head…. However, the previous proportions of the car remained unchanged – this is still the same wheelbase, as well as the total overall dimensions.

Changed its image not only from the outside, but also from the inside – the interior of the salon looks truly rich. In addition, such a beautiful and exquisite salon complement musical controls of control and climate control of the salon. Tree in the cabin – dark noble color. The increased range of adjusting the steering column allows you to comfortably sit behind the wheel, adjusting the steering wheel at the required distance.

As for the overall functionality of the car, Toyota Camry has become more economical in gas expenses (0.6 liters per 100 km). Despite this economy, the engine’s return remained the same, namely, 277 horsepower and 346 N • m. It is much easier and more convenient to lead such a car, since this car is much more sports than previous versions. The car overcomes 100 km/h for the 7 seconds promised by manufacturers!

As for the price of the car, it has become more expensive by at least 4.9%. However, the total overpayment in fact will be only 40-41 thousand rubles.

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