Car rental in America and insurance policy

Sometimes some policies are not covered by your car or travel insurance. That’s why you have the opportunity to purchase car insurance, which is also offered by car rental companies.

Having this insurance gives you confidence that you will not shell out huge amounts of money in case of accidents or other unforeseen circumstances.

The types of rental car insurance that you can purchase include collision liability insurance, additional liability insurance, personal accident insurance, and personal effects insurance. However, remember that your travel or car insurance may cover the last two types of insurance. Therefore, in order to avoid additional costs, be sure to discuss insurance policies with your chosen car rental company.

In addition to car accessories, you may want to explore rental car insurance, especially if your travel insurance does not have special coverage. Insurance of a rented car is optional, so it depends only on you whether you will buy it. However, be aware that prices will vary depending on the rental company and type of insurance; here are some average ranges of rental car insurance costs in the USA:

Additional liability insurance – from $8 to $12 per day.
Refusal of damages – from $ 20 to $30 per day.
Accident insurance – $3 per day.
Covering personal belongings — $ 2 per day.
Full coverage — from $33 to $47 per day.

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