Acura MDX Review 2014

After presenting the concept on the auto exhibition in Detroit, we managed to get acquainted with the car a little better. Meet, Acura MDX!

In a manner typical of Honda and Acura these days, the new MDX crossover was presented at a car show in Detroit as a concept. MDX is one of the most popular Acura offers, so there is no surprise at all that the 2014 model will not differ much from its predecessors, at least from the point of view of the style.

Despite the fact that, the external design will change little, Acura is working to make the new MDX more spacious and economical. If you do not take into account the wheels of a slightly smaller size, a more realistic underestimated front part, then you can consider a lot of what can be seen in the 2014 model. As if the discs became smaller, the dimensions of the tires have also changed, but the price of the tire will still be high, t. to. They are very wide and also remain big. Therefore, storage of tires in excellent conditions should be made as a rule, t. to. With improper storage of tires, they lose their properties and structure, thereby do not meet their characteristics and are aging faster.

The concept offers LED “diamond eyes”, although unlike the made model Acura RLX, MDX has a colder – blue hue. In this version of MDX, some restraint in the implementation of the bulges is manifested. Acura, always distinguished by the most neat and luxurious features of the crossover, in the 2014 model is closer to its competitors, such as Infinity JX and Audi Q7.

In the new version, the distance between the wheels has noticeably increased, which provides more legs space for passengers of the second row.

As for the capacities, it is expected that a new engine with a volume of 3.5 liters will be installed, which will issue 300 horsepower and 272 nm of torque. The new model will also install an updated system for distribution of torque between the front and rear axles. It is not yet clear to the end whether the existing SH-AWD system will be updated on the new model or replaced by the Sport Hybrid Sh-AWD hybrid installation, which made it debuted on RLX.

MDX, of course, can strive for a segment of more sports cars, but for the Premium crossover, safety is still more important. For implementation, this goal in the new model will establish such systems as a warning about a collision, several rear -view cameras, the detection of moving cars in a blind zone, active cruise control and Keep Lale system.

Acura also claims that the design of the crossover body was changed in such a way that it deserved 5 stars on Top Safety Pick Safety tests.

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