Achieving the goal. What we saw at the top is difficult to describe. Thanks to photographs, you can only try to imagine the greatness surrounding us. And in all this splendor, cars were very organic. They were like two snow leopards, who came out to look around their possessions. Both lexus’a stood shrouded in foggy smoke of the highlands, preparing for the upcoming difficult descent in the plain. A long -term and constantly changing direction, the road down forced all the systems of stabilization and safety of cars, and also ongoing rain added extreme. An hour later, both crews with a harsh height of the height of the ears bought fruits in the village by past. The joy of the fact that the purpose of the trip was achieved was mixed with fatigue and a sense of hunger. Dinner helped us gain strength for the final jerk. Volgograd and Agat were waiting for us. Due to the fact that we were driving at night, it was possible to significantly reduce the travel time, after 8 hours the wheels of our cars were already ramming the asphalt of the Volgograd region. The expedition was coming to an end, my hometown met us with a huge cork in the Krasnoarmeysky district, but even it could not spoil the impressions of the rally. And how could they deteriorate, because a trip on excellent cars to places where you can touch the clouds with your hand, and each sip of air like a magical elixir creates such a positive mood that you want to live on the whole reel. Here you can also easily purchase a car battery for your car, and can easily find exactly the battery that you need.

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