Toyota recalls its cars again

Toyota Motor Corp. calls 2.77 million vehicles around the world – including 670,000 Prius hybrids in the United States in order to solve the possible problem of the cooling system and some control defects.

Reviews due to problems with the cooling pump pump covers five Toyota models with a number of 630,000 vehicles. The management of management affects 10 models around the world and is a total of 2.76 million vehicles.

Approximately 620,000 second generations of Prius hybrids are covered with both reviews, which increases the number of cars up to 2.77 million devices. Prius models sold in the United States and respond, have 2004 – 2009 release. Surprisingly, a year ago, in November, Prius had problems on new models with tires. They simply stopped keeping pressure. By the way, if you want to buy tires with a good price/quality ratio, you can buy cheap tires for autoshin. RU.

Recall that this review occurred only a month after Toyota announced her largest that ever compliance with the only review. That review touched 7.43 million vehicles. Cars responded to eliminate the defect in the glass switch.

The same, dealers should check the intermediate additional shaft in the PRIUS and other models control sister and replace it if it is required. Grooves that connect the steering shaft with the steering wheel switch can be worn out.

According to the company’s statements, inspection and repair should take about one hour.

Approximately 350,000 of those 670,000 Prius models in the United States will also be examined to replace an electric water pump that spreads antifreeze through hybrid components of the transmission.

The electric motor, maintaining this pump, can stop, forcing the hybrid transmission of the car to stop when the car is driving.

“We did not receive reports of accidents or wounds associated with one of these problems,” said representative Dion Corbett.

The owners will be notified regarding the recall of the mail that will begin to send in December. Repair will be made for free.

Review in October Toyota for defective glass switches was the biggest industry review.

The Toyota review series involved more than 10 million vehicles between 2009 and 2011, which damaged the image of the company, but despite this at the beginning of the month, Toyota raised its assumptions about net profit to $ 9.7 billion a year.

Toyota sold approximately 3.3 million Prius hybrid cars around the world, as the first car went on sale in December 1997. The total number of hybrid cars that Toyota sold all over the world, including Camry, was 4.6 million units at the end of October this year.

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